Opinions on Adjusting the Demand-supply Structure of Housing and Stabilizing Housing Prices

Since last year, various regions and departments have enforced Central Party Committee’s decisions and measures on strengthening control of the real estate market, which has primarily curbed the momentum of housing investment and price increases. However, problems in the real estate industry have not been solved fundamentally, as reflected in that housing prices in a few cities have gone up too quickly, housing supply structure is rather unreasonable and the real estate market is relatively chaotic. In order to conscientiously solve the present problems in the real estate market, all policies and measures put forward in the Notice of the General Office of the State Council on Conscientiously Stabilizing Housing Prices (General Office of the State Council Cable [2005]No.26) and Opinions of the Ministry of Construction and other Ministries on Stabilizing Housing Prices forwarded by the State Council (General Office of the State Council Document [2005] No. 8) should be implemented earnestly and continuously and adjusted properly in accordance with the new situation in the real estate market. Opinions regarding adjusting housing supply structure and stabilizing housing price are hereby put forward as follows:

5. Gradually solving the housing difficulty of low income households
6. Improving the statistics and information disclosure system of real estates

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