Investment Environment of Tianjin Binhai New Area

1. Surrounding environment. Vast hinterland of Tianjin Binhai New Area, covering 12 provinces, is the eastern starting point of the Eurasian Continental Bridge recently, with Japan and South Korea across the sea, or Mongolia, Kazakhstan and other neighboring countries, an important inland sea, has a right to attract and external output of the dual advantage. Is being built to connect China's western provinces, through the Northeast region of convergence around the area transportation network. 2008 Beijing Olympics, the Beijing-Tianjin expressway will be the second between the official opening, the Beijing-Tianjin inter-city express railway will be put into operation, will direct the two cities just 28 minutes the whole, the minimum headway is 3 minutes.

2.Industrial environment. Tianjin Binhai New Area of electronic information, automobile and equipment manufacturing, oil and marine chemical industry, modern metallurgy, food processing, bio-pharmaceuticals, new materials, new energy seven leading industries, industry service outstanding ability. With the Airbus A320 series aircraft assembly lines, China's new generation of carrier rockets and other projects to speed up construction, aerospace and other advantages of the new industry is emerging. High-tech industry output value of the share of total industrial output value reached 47%. Finance, logistics, exhibition, service outsourcing, and other modern service industries showing a good development trend.

3. The policy environment. Tianjin Binhai New Area is a national comprehensive reform pilot area, the state support in finance, land management, foreign economic and other fields important first test of reform and opening measures. Financial innovation, investment in industry funds, venture capital, Finance Industry, a variety of ownership financial enterprises, foreign exchange management policy, offshore financial Ye Wu Shi Yan embark on reforms. Tax policy, on the Tianjin Binhai New Area identified within the high-tech business will pay 15% income tax. Special subsidies to local governments the way, on the central and local share of the corporate income tax for foreign companies "to avoid two by three" policy concessions.

4.Supporting the environment. Throughput of Tianjin Binhai New Area has the world's sixth comprehensive port and international air cargo center in northern China, bringing together state-level development zones, bonded zones, export processing zones, bonded logistics park and is building the East Bonded Port, Airport Logistics Processing areas, coastal high-tech zones, industrial zones and other functional port region. Among them, the Tianjin Economic-Technological Development Area (TEDA) for ten years to maintain the best investment environment in the national development zones. Tianjin port cargo throughput in 2007 reached 310 million tons, container throughput of 7.1 million TEUs, of which more than 70% of goods from other provinces and cities. East Bonded Port Area, as China's development bonded port logistics process at the highest level, the policy offers the best and most complete customs supervision, will be built in line with international common practice of free trade zones.

5. Technology and human resources environment. Tianjin Binhai New Area, located in Beijing, Tianjin and concentrated about 27% of the country's scientific and technological talents. Working with national ministries and famous universities, research institutions Hezuo, Jiakuai building national Biological Medicine International Innovation Park that industrial biotechnology R & D 中心, aviation Keji Industrial Hua base technology innovation in 12 Chong Tai Ping Tai, construction Gang Guan, textiles, automotive 10 industries such as technology development center, a number of major construction projects of independent innovation. Existing national and 31 provincial level engineering centers, corporate R & D Centre, 70, 41 foreign-invested R & D centers, 52 post-doctoral workstation. In addition, the Binhai New Area as a national vocational education reform pilot area, with Germany, Spain, the co-cultivating a large number of highly skilled workers to form a multi-level pool of talent.

6.Ecological and resource environment. Tianjin Binhai New Area, water, wetlands, 35% of the total area over 500 square kilometers are under construction and protection of the North-South ecological function areas, to develop eco-industrial park and the circular economy industrial chain, has a good ecological environment. Binhai New Area has a 1214 square kilometers for development and utilization of saline wastelands and cities at home and abroad this is rare. Bohai Sea has proven oil resources in total more than 100 billion tons, natural gas reserves of 193.7 billion cubic meters, showing great potential for development.

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